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The Not So Traditional-Traditional Wedding

Planning your big day can be a daunting task. As much as all the decisions fall on you and your fiancé, you can get distracted by what all the bridal magazines, expos and even your friends and family describe as “the perfect wedding.” You definitely want the traditional wedding with the ceremony and reception, but you also want to make it different and unique. Don’t let fear of the unknown hinder you from making your wedding one of a kind. If you’ve got a taste for something different, don’t be afraid to satiate that appetite. What makes your special day uniquely yours are the little details you incorporate.

Sheena and Colby’s wedding is a perfect example of how those extra little touches go a long way. Part edgy with Sheena’s tattoos and piercings, part fanboy with Colby channeling Captain America circa Infinity War, these two took the typical traditional elements of a wedding and added their own flair without going over the top.

As a huge Star Wars fan myself, I couldn’t help but geek out at R2D2 as the ring bearer, and I loved their cake topper which bears Leia and Han’s famous words (“I love you. I know.”). Speaking of cake, the two went with towers of donuts instead of your traditional tiered cake. What a sweet spin on the usual.

Out of all the many details from their wedding, my favorite would have to be Sheena’s bouquet. The flowers are gorgeous and the dark reds match the wedding party’s attire perfectly. The best part, the addition of a miniature animal skull. Instead of coming off as gothic, it was the perfect display of her soft, feminine and edgy personality that perfectly blended with the venue’s modern yet slight rustic feel.

Another alternative tradition Sheena and Colby decided on was the First Look. A trend that has become increasingly popular, this first look occurs before the ceremony, which traditionally a groom was not supposed to see his bride until the ceremony (possibly for superstitious reasons). Why even do a First Look? Depending on the timeline of your wedding, from ceremony to reception and especially if the length of time in between is brief, the First Look allows you to capture that magical moment via photos and video with no restrictions. It also allows you more time to take all your photos too, including those with your bridal party and even your family, before all your guests arrive. That way, once the ceremony ends, you can instantly join the party and spend more time celebrating with your guests. If you’re interested in having a First Look, let your photographer know and have fun with it. Thanks to the playful attitude of the bride and the groomsmen, Colby’s first look was not the view of his beautiful bride, but instead, the many moons of his entourage.

Traditional doesn’t have to be boring. Showcase what makes you and your fiancé a special couple and make sure you capture every moment in your photos.

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